The Importance of Preschool- Making the Right Decision


8. What makes a good teacher? Find out about the teachers’ training and credentials. Ideally, head teachers should have a minimum of an associate’s degree and formal training in early-childhood education. “Research shows that teachers with college degrees and specialized early-childhood training have more positive interactions with children, provide richer language experiences, and are less […]

The Importance of Preschool-Choosing the Right Preschool

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5. How old should my child be when she starts? Most preschools serve 3-, 4-, and 5-year-olds, and many kids begin at age 4. (Some preschools will start accepting children at around 2 1/2, but that doesn’t mean your child will be ready when he reaches that age.) You can choose from a part-time schedule or […]

The Importance of Preschool-Why Preschool Matters


1. What’s the difference between childcare and preschool? Childcare centers are generally an option for working parents who need their children to be taken care of during the day; centers accept babies as well as toddlers and are full-time, full-year programs. Preschool refers to an early-childhood educational class for 3- and 4-year-olds. Many offer a […]

How to Raise Children Who Love Each Other

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How to Raise Children Who Love Each Other Rivalry is inevitable when you have more than one child, but it can be controlled. In fact a parent’s guidance plays a key role  in whether conflicts are worked out before they do permanent damage to sibling relationships.  STARTING OUT RIGHT An addition to the family isn’t […]

Valentine’s Craft Ideas for Kids


Patterned Paper Wrap Martha Stewart: Store- bought treats are more special when covered in pretty patterned paper. Pen a note on the underside or on a tag attached with waxed twine. Tuck gum into a card stock “matchbook” stamped with a message; sticks of gum sold in large packs often have plain white wrappers that […]