We are fully accredited by the National Early Childhood Program Accreditation Program, whose standards are based on criteria from organizations.

Providing Accredited Pre-K Program

Our goal is to meet the developmental needs of young children and their families. We are pleased to announce that we have implemented Continuity of Care. When your child is enrolled, they are assigned to the classroom that best meets the needs of their specific age group. We believe that when children start with a group of their peers, they have the best chance to form bonds with each other and their assigned teachers. These secondary bonds prove to be beneficial to the overall development of your child. The goal of Continuity of Care is to move the teachers through the various classrooms; and in turn, the children will move along with them. The expectation is teachers and classrooms keep up with the developmental stages of the children.

The Children's Center is dedicated to providing a safe, friendly environment that fosters your child's social and educational development. We also offer extended hours to meet your individual needs.

The Children’s Center believes that every child can learn if given the proper opportunity, encouragement, and stimulating environment. Together, we provide experiences to enrich and enhance each child’s cognitive development.

We are now enrolling all ages.

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