Our Philosophy

The Children’s Center believes that every child can learn if given the proper opportunity, encouragement, and stimulating environment.  Together, we provide experiences to enrich and enhance each child’s cognitive development by

  • encouraging children to think, reason, question and experiment (as used in mathematics, science and social studies) through engagement with the environment;
  • language development, with the use of language (speaking and listening) and literacy development (emerging reading and writing awareness and skills) through engagement with the environment;
  • social and  emotional development, through the use social skills and cooperative play, and to respect and respond to cultural diversity;
  • physical development, through activities that support and demonstrate sound health, safety and nutritional practices and the development of fine and gross motor skills; and
  • creative development, through the use of creative expression, representation and appreciation for the arts.

 We are committed to providing opportunities for interaction with children of both similar and different backgrounds and social life styles.  We believe that in order for children to reach their full potential, they need a creative, happy, nurturing and safe environment, where they obtain care, guidance, and support.  Children need love and caring balanced with structure, boundaries, and guidance/discipline to support their development.