Devona Thomas

Devona started working in early childhood education eight years ago, and was lucky to find a home at The Children’s Center just one year later. One of her favorite things about working with children is watching how they learn, and how they share it with adults. Whether they are telling stories, or sharing different ways to look at the world around them, she finds their creativity and reasoning to be enlightening and refreshing.

Maria Elena Cardenas

Maria’s strong suit in working with children is the undivided attention she provides. In her five years working in preschool centers here in New Mexico, she has learned that with a caring and loving attitude helps children open up, allowing them to be immersed in the learning and growing environment we provide at The Children’s Center.

Noordla P. Adair

Noordla has been helping children have a good day for the last 3 1/2 years! In her two years teaching at The Children’s Center, she has found that it is truly a gift and a privilege to watch our students learn and grow. The closeness that we share with our students allows us all to see day-to-day accomplishments that we love to share with their parents and families.