The Children’s Center teaches the Creative Curriculum as part of its curriculum for children six weeks through Pre-Kindergarten. The center has a music room for extended activities. A weekly/monthly schedule of classroom activities for the toddlers and older children is posted in the classroom and in the front office. Regardless of the room, the following goals remain the same.

  • To provide a warm and supportive environment for each child, where he/she is respected and trusted.
  • To foster positive feelings in self, family, school, and community.
  • To encourage the child to explore and discover the work around them through concrete, manipulative experiences.
  • To have the child actively participate in his/her learning by helping them with decision making, problem solving and planning.
  • To assure the child’s feelings of success through encouragement and acceptance.

Although each room may have similar learning stations, each room has a unique environment to meet the needs, social level and interest of the class along with the personalities of the teachers.