Infant Child Care

We understand that finding quality childcare can be a serious choice and a serious challenge. In fact, approximately six out of 10 children age five years and under are being jointly cared for by parents and early childhood educators, relatives, or other childcare providers. 
Early childcare is a very important and often overlooked component of child development. In fact, childcare providers are very often our children’s first teachers, playing a integral role in our early childhood education system.
Infant Care Albuquerque
If you must return to work or other circumstances come into play when it comes to the care of your child, our nurturing program provides care and early child care development to children beginning at six weeks of age. Our goal is to provide high-quality child care services at our facility. Unlike a babysitter, we are a group of experienced and professionally trained early childcare providers during both traditional and nontraditional hours.
There are arguments both for and against on whether out-of-home childcare is beneficial or harmful. Studies show that children who attend daycare facilities tend to develop social skills more quickly than children of the same age group that are reared at home.
Making the decision to place your infant in a childcare facility is an important and very personal decision. We invite you to come and visit our accredited staff at The Children’s Center to decide if our facility is the right fit for you.