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Pre-K I Albuquerque

4 Years old

Pre-K II Albuquerque

4 1/2 Years old

New Mexico Pre-K Albuquerque

New Mexico PreK is a voluntary program funded by the state of New Mexico.  Children who have reached their 4th birthday by September 1st of the current school year are eligible to attend a PreK program. The purpose of PreK is to ensure every child in New Mexico has the opportunity to attend a high quality early childhood education program before kindergarten.

A child must be four years of age prior to 12:00 AM of September 1 and live within the attendance zone of a Title I School.  To enroll your child, you will need to contact the school.  To learn more about the PreK program, please contact the Early Childhood Office, or at (505) 880-8249 ext. 182.

The Purpose of New Mexico PreK

  • Increase access to voluntary high-quality pre-kindergarten programs
  • Provide developmentally appropriate activities for New Mexico children
  • Expand early childhood community capacity
  • Support linguistically and culturally appropriate curriculum
  • Focus on school readiness
  • Nationally recognized for practicing a play-based curriculum with a strong emphasis on social-emotional health and development.


  • Studies show that PreK is having significant, positive effects on children’s learning in the areas of language, literacy, and math skills. Children who attend PreK enter kindergarten knowing more letters, more letter-sound associations and heightened familiarity with words and book concepts.
  • Since New Mexico PreK was initiated in Fiscal Year 2006, PreK has served approximately 8,000 New Mexican children throughout the state of NM.
  • Children who learn how to learn early are most likely to reach their full potential
  • The most significant brain development occurs before age five
  • Quality PreK is an investment in the future of New Mexico’s children.

Basic NM Pre-K is a half day program.

Extended NM Pre-K is a full day program.

More information about state funded Pre-K:

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