Toddler Care

Between the ages of one and three years are a time of great cognitive, emotional and social development. During this time in your child’s life, children triple in their birth weight, grow to a height of 50 percent from their birth length, can follow a fast-moving object, understand simple commands, and begin to walk and start the process of toilet training.
These are the times of the “terrible twos”, when temper tantrums are a normal part of life, and children are very ritualistic, claiming a favorite toy, blanket, and claiming everything as “mine”!
Toddler Daycare
These are trying times, but also a time of wonder and astonishment as we begin to see our babies turn into cognitive and spontaneous young people.
It’s our job at The Children’s Center to work with your child on language and cognitive development, emotions and self-image, working well with others, and physical/motor skills. You can trust our accredited team with creating a lively, vibrant environment for your curious and rapidly developing child.