Day Care Rates

Full Time Rates

Full time is 4-5 days per week and 10 hours or less per day.

Infants – Two Years …. $228 per week

Three years and up ….$203 per week

Additional children …. 10% off the regular rate

Paying Monthly – Full Time Rates

Infants – Two Years …. $988.00

Three years and up ….$880.00

Part Time Rates

Part time is up to 20 hours per week.

Three years and up ….$115 per week


Annual Registration

The annual registration fee is $60 for one child or $80 per families of two or more children.

Your child must be registered before attending the center.  This requires an up to date immunization record, and the completion of an information card and enrollment agreement form.  This information will be kept in your child’s file.  Please notify the office of any changes so that your child’s file will always be current.

We also ask that you bring an extra pair of clothes for your child and return any clothes that may have been borrowed from The Children’s Center.

The Children’s Center does not discriminate against any person because of race, color, age, nationality, sex, or disability.