Summer Programs at Albuquerque’s Children Center

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June 5, 2015
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June 22, 2015
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Summer Programs at Albuquerque’s Children Center

Children’s Center Summer Programs 

Summer Fun in Albuquerque

It has been a long-cherished American tradition that summer was the time when kids didn’t have to do anything; they could laze around, hang out with friends, vacation with family, and generally take it very easy until the school year began again.

But times have changed. While children are still seen as entitled to their annual long break from schoolwork, parents, experts on child behavior—even boys and girls themselves!—have long recognized that having worthwhile activities to pursue during the summer months can be a more satisfying, more enjoyable way to spend that “time off”.

The Children’s Center in Albuquerque provides just such opportunities for children between ages 3 and 9, in the form of field trips, cooking projects, going bowling or swimming, listening to a guest speaker talk about their experiences and expertise in their fields, visiting the zoo, the aquarium, or even the Balloon Museum. While all the Children’s Center Summer Activities are geared for fun, the opportunity is there to learn something—about animal or fish behavior, say, or gain a new perspective—about the city and state they live in, or even find out something about physics—how a balloon stays in the air, or how a bowling ball can be manipulated to knock down lots of pins!

Summer fun is awaiting your child at The Children’s Center in Albuquerque!  While your child is having fun this summer, he or she can still be learning every day!  Phone 505-881-9566 for more information and sign-up, or stop at our front desk.



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